Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday - Day 12

AH HA HA HA HA.... Yeah.... I just read my blog from yesterday about what is to happen today..... Yeah...... *L*

So just a quick note here as today is a busy one (I'll write more on my Saturday post)....

1) No shower, nails or lawn watering got done.... Oh dear...

2) We did however eat sandwiches and blueberries in my bed (all is well, nothing was blue but their faces! *L*) while watching Sesame Street!

3) Laundry... LOTS of laundry got done. Most of the girls clothing (or at least everything that needed to be packed) and towels. We like clean towels..... *L*

4) Ended up helping Zoe tear her room apart and clean, clean, clean today.... Hopefully she's learned a lesson in 'put your toys away properly when you're done playing with them or else I bring in the garbage bin from outside!'....

5) Was late leaving the house as I got caught up in talking to the neighbor about the fence he's building... Which, of course, goes down our yard as well... Thought he had a crew (like his wife said he did) but it was just him doing all the work.... Humm... I guess his Father (in-law?) was coming to help him later on....

6) Dropped the girls off at my Grandparents and am now off to get stuff from Wal-Mart over here and then it's time to meet up with Sarah! I believe we're going to The Fringe tonight! Yay!

More tomorrow!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thursday - Day 11

Well last night didn't quite go as planned.... *L* But overall it was okay. Emma had a shower and that was all I could do.

They went to bed, got up a thousand times each and I nearly thought I was going to call Tyler in tears... But I didn't!! Yay! *L*

I ended up falling asleep with the TV on right after the kids went to bed.... Or somewhere between the 999th to 1000th time Emma was getting up out of bed... Woke up around 3:30am and watched TV (since it was on anyways... *L*)..... Went back to sleep around 5:30am....


Girls got up and chilled for a bit while I did some work.... Then we got ourselves ready for the day....

FARMER'S MARKET! I love, love, LOVE going to our Farmer's Market! Fresh food, great times.... Warm weather, how could it not be fun??! And the bonus So do the girls! We walked around and made our decisions of what to buy (blackberries, blueberries, apricots and white cherries from BC) and grabbed lunch there (hot dogs and juice!)... In between there the girls got their faces painted (I just realized that I haven't added photos to this blog at all! Ack! Check back next week for added photos to my previous posts!)... Emma was a pink butterfly and Zoe became a ladybug! Afterwards we started towards our vehicle when we ran into neighbors of ours! What fun! We chatted for a bit and then they headed on their way to get some shopping in while I checked out what the girls had been looking at..... They bought the cutest homemade wands! I'll take a photo and add it to here next week!!! ;)

Once home we put the fruit away and the girls started to act up... Always when I'm on the phone (confirming their weekend arrangements of course).... So it was nap time. Emma fought this until she was just too tired.... Yay! Zoe went straight to sleep. She's been 'camping' out on her floor for the past few days... I'm not sure why she's into this but as long as she sleeps, I'm happy!

After their much needed naps, and a wonderful phone call to Daddy, we got into the van and headed for... McDonald's! *L* Yeah, I know.... Anyways..... We ate while on our way to WEM to do some major shopping.... Let me tell you, it was wonderful!

In two hours (less actually!) we had bought the girls shoes for the wedding we're all in next weekend (honestly, I've been searching for months!) even though each girls' is a different shade, I'm not concerned.... They have them! Whooo hoo! Then it was off to Emma's surprise (will have to write about that one later.... Just in case Daddy is reading this)... Then it was backpack shopping (I refuse to let Emma have a backpack that will slowly fall apart on her this year.... So she got a gooder!) and then ice cream! Yum! After that we checked into Payless where they were having some awesome deals, so each girl walked out with a wonderful pair of shoes for $21 in total (together! Amazing!)...

My favorite parts of today's adventure into the city for shopping?

1) Walking towards ice cream Emma turned to me and said 'I LOVE shopping!!!'... *LOL* She said it in the most sincere, innocent way ever! SOOOO cute. And in my head I heard myself say 'And that's my little girl!'... *L*

2) While in Payless Zoe started to 'dance'... It was one of the cutest things I have ever seen her do!!! Apparently she has a whole routine down! *LOL* So much so I took a video of her (and Emma of course) doing this in the middle of the mall's hallway... That on it's own is a HUGE deal (she gets shy around people she doesn't know!).... But yes, adorable! I'll post the video too!

3) The girls both took the time to say 'Thank you!' for every little thing we did this evening.... It made my heart grow!

Home again it was... About 40 minutes later the girls were clearing their rooms of ALL their dirty laundry (a recent rule is: 'If you don't put the clothes where they go when dirty, you will wear nothing!').....

Along the room cleaning journey Emma and I realized we didn't know where her brand new indoor shoes were.... Uggggghhhhh..... And they're tie-up one's too! A big thing for her! Emma set her mind to learning how to tie bows before the last school year ended (I wouldn't buy the shoes until she learned)... But being the stubborn girl she can be (or better yet, we butt heads on things like this), I showed her a few times, she threw an 'Emmasode' and I said no more. Months, months later she came in one morning to show me that she had tied a bow in the ribbon attached to her dress! YAY!

But yes, she did eventually find her shoes (hiding from the cat in her closet) and they went into her new backpack with 90% of the other school supplies we have so far.

PJ's, teeth brushed and it was time for prayers and bed!

As of right now my little ones are asleep... The wind is picking up outside and I have WAY to many loads of little girls laundry to even begin thinking about! *L*

Tomorrow is another busy day for our household. Zoe will have a shower, the girls will get their nails done... I'll water the lawn (note to self!!!).... Packing will happen and then it's off to the Great-Grandparents for the weekend. I'll meet up with Sarah in the city for some hair color shopping and who knows what we'll do after that! I'd like to walk around the Fringe grounds before it closes for this summer....

So off I go to start the dreaded laundry (good thing their clothing is adorable... *L*) routine... Hopefully there's something good on TV! *L*

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday - Day 10

I lost my temper today.

As of right now I have one child in my bed watching TV with an injured back and one in her room doing a forced cry.

It's been a lovely morning, can you tell?


Zoe decided to jump on Emma's bed and ended up landing right on her tail bone... Which made her whole back crack and an instant pain shrill happened. Something I hope to never hear again.

Emma's mad at me because I won't let her talk over me while she's on time out. Life's hard I know, but honestly, DON'T TALK OVER ME!


Okay... Better. Moving on... I did get a text from Tyler this morning, 4:45am... I guess he got busy and wasn't able to text us back.... So the girls never did talk to him last night (which I'm paying for today, does it show??!).... I went to bed after a few texts back and forth and now I'm paying for the late night. Cranky kids + tired Mommy = Bad day.

Hopefully things will get better. I did manage to remember to put the garbage out before bed last night! Whoo hooo! *L* We have no major plans today.... Maybe just naps and chilling time.... Will write more later!

4:01pm update:

Okay so... Emma has napped, Zoe played with the cats in her room (even set up a water drinking station in her room!)... I on the other hand watched an episode of ER that I had never seen before (which is amazing!) and took a shower.... Emma came in to ask if she and Zoe could play together until I got out, and boy was she in a much better mood! Yay naps!

Now the girls are cleaning their rooms, well run over to Safeway to grab buns (Emma's awesome, when I asked her what she'd like for dinner she said 'do we have beans??!'... Yes -thinking green beans- then she asked if we had hot dogs.... Hummm.... She wants Pork and Beans! *LOL* Awesome!)....

Then we'll come home and give Daddy a much needed phone call! Afterwards I'll make dinner while the girls play outside with chalk, we'll eat and the girls will have a shower.... Then it's nail and hair time! I promised to french braid Emma's hair and paint all of the girls nails! *L*

So here's to hoping my next post doesn't include a photo of me missing hair from being ripped out! ;P

Tuesday - Day 9

Today the girls went on the Nature Hike.... It's one of the programs we booked months ago.... What made this one extra special? Tyler picked it!

I dropped the girls off just before 1pm and picked them up at 3:30pm.... During that time they went on their hike, picked nature things (twigs, cattails, leafs, etc.) and had glued them onto a piece of fabric. Emma's was well done with everything in it's place while Zoe's was one big glob of glue.... Still runny! *LOL* It was so thick it was coming through the other side of the fabric! *LOL* Both look great though. I've been informed these are for Daddy's Birthday! I'll just place them by all the drawings and letters (Emma) that are for him as well!

My girls are tired. Last night Zoe was laying in her bed.... After awhile I went in and sat next to her little body and asked what was up....

"I miss Daddy" was all she responded with. Not once did her eyes move from the spot on her wall that she had been staring at... My heart broke.

Emma has always been Daddy's girl... She's pretty much a carbon copy of him! *L* But Zoe... Well she's only known shift work... So she's used to this in and out-ness of Daddy's work schedule... And she's more of my girl... Even looks more like me.... So when she says something like this I know it must really be bothering her.

Anyhoo.... All seems well. The girls were good today, they're just recovering from their fun weekend. Last night (I forgot to write so much yesterday!) Emma tried riding her bike! I put the training wheels on at the lowest level... She did a round with that and decided we could move them up to the higher level... Did a round with that and we took them right off... After I tried to keep up with her with no training wheels on we decided to put them back on at he higher level until Daddy is home to help her! *L* There's no way I can keep up with her! I'm so very proud of her though! She has no fear when it comes to things like this sometimes! Way to go Emma!

Right now the girls are sleeping... Today was a hard day for me.... Emma was being a bit of a pain and Zoe decided she didn't need to sleep! *L* Although I can't really blame them as their quiet time after the Nature Hike turned into us all having a nap... So a late night it was! I had also promised the girls that if they got ready for bed without any issues they could call Daddy at is 10pm break.... Well I texted him at 5 after to let us know when he was actually on his break (sometimes they start late because of their work, etc.) and he never texted us back... By 11:30pm I had to get the girls to bed... By 12:15am I had already dealt with both girls in and out of bed for a hundred different reasons... *sigh*

I'm off to bed soon. I'll date this as 11:59pm so it's on the correct date but it's actually 4:32am... I'm exhausted. I would just stay up another hour so I could talk to Tyler but unfortunately I never know when he randomly works a 12 hours shift... Which means he's not off until 7am... One night on the weekend I stayed up all night but didn't get a hold of him... He worked a 12... *L* Oh well, that's life.

I'm doing okay... Trying to keep us busy... Life goes on, right? It's hard but even harder when I realize just how much the girls miss their Daddy. I'm quite thankful that they're willing to be the amazing kids I know they are while he's away. I don't think we'd survive this if they decided to act like spoiled brats!

Okay I'm off for some sleep. Will update more later! Another busy weekend ahead and juggling of the girls! *L*

'night all!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday - Day 8

Last night I picked the girls up from my Grandparents house.... We didn't get home until the wee hours of the morning but it was so worth it! The girls had a blast hanging out at my Grandparents with the dogs (they have my parents dog there as well as they're on holidays) and playing in the back yard all day. Emma got her hair done at the salon after my Grandma did (Emma had a French Braid done for the dinner Saturday night) and then she did some shopping with my Grandpa the next day! Zoe was quite content on staying at the house with the dogs, sun and TV! As well as doing my Grandmother's make-up and her own.... AND Emma's when she came home from shopping! *LOL*

Not much to say about Sunday, I did more cleaning, organizing and relaxing. Then had dinner at my Grandparents home and brought the girls home. Zoe was exhausted when I got there so she slept the whole time while Emma fell asleep in the van on the way home...

All in all it was an awesome day!

Today the girls played with out neighbors little girl. She's 2 years 4 months old and an only child.... And adorable! Apparently she loves to play with our girls! She now keeps an eye out for our van and starts heading out the door when we pull up! *LOL* Too cute!

We drove over to 7-11 and got some cheesies, Sunny D and a snack for myself... While there we ran into other neighbors of ours! Us Mom's chatted while the kids played for a bit and then they headed on with their walk to the park while we came home for a late dinner.... But only after playing on our slide with the little girl next door.

While outside Emma realized that her necklace had broken in half... Oh the tears... Oh the drama... *sigh* So tomorrow I have to mow the lawn and I've promised not to mow her necklace piece... Ack!

The girls were able to speak with Daddy quickly tonight.... Thank goodness! Hopefully while we're home we can keep this up! I'm already dreading our school schedule with Tyler's schedule. We'll deal with that when we have to. For now it's time to catch my show!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday - Day 7

Yesterday was fun! I went shopping at West Edmonton Mall in they city and enjoyed the time to myself! AND I found some awesome deals!

1) Found a shirt for Sarah's Stagette!
2) Found a gift for Tyler (funny book!)
3) Found wedding shoes for the girls, just need to take them there to try them on...
4) And a few other things that I can't remember right now... Huh....

It was nice to wander the stores and not think about 'Don't touch!', etc. You parents out tehre will understand what I mean.... Sometimes it's odd to hear another child an have that split second 'where are they?' until you remember.... *L*

After shopping I came home and did some major cleaning! It's crazy the stuff I have kicking around here... Stuff I just don't need... Honestly, when will I ever be a size '0' again??!! *LOL*

Last night was pizza and movie.... Was fun! I do miss my girls though (and Tyler, of course... But I know I can see my girls sooner! ;P).... I can't wait to see them later!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday - Day 6

Quick note:

The house was painfully quiet last night when I got home in the wee hours of the morning. I stopped at Tim Horton's to grab a sandwich and soup on my way home... And as I stepped over the random toys left in our hallway I all of a sudden realized just how quiet our house can be.... Huh.

The wedding went wonderfully last night. We found ourselves with extra time on our hands... Something that we're not accustomed to! *L* But it was nice! This is the last wedding before one of my Best-Friends, and partner in the company I work for, is getting married... So it'll be nice to have a bit break before the chaos of that (our whole family is in the wedding... I'm the Maid of Honor, Tyler is a Groomsman and MC while our girls are the Flower Girls)....

But yes. All went well with the wedding, the Bride and Groom were thrilled with our work, I was able to see a photographer friend of mine who took our family photos to long ago.... It was great!

And now I'm off to try and get some sleep.... Maybe... Or I'll stay up until Tyler is off work at 5am and give him a call about 5:30am... We'll see how things go! :)

Oh wait! I was able to speak with Tyler for a few minutes last night.... It was so nice to hear his voice! He seems to be doing well, tired but well!

The girls are spending the day at my Grandparents and then they and my parents will be going to my Aunt's place for a dinner.... I'm taking today (after sleep) for myself. No schedule, maybe some major cleaning... Humm....

The girls made cookies and french toast at my Mom's yesterday! What big girls (all she did was the 'hot stuff' so they wouldn't burn themselves!)....

What else.... Oh! I did the cat littler today... First time in years! This job is usually Tylers'.... So yay me! *L*